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let's look at baltimore national pike. no problems to report at this point. traffic is running smoothly if you are heading to 795 down on the outer loop. that's the inner loop to the left of the screen. steady in both directions. cecil county 95 southbound has been shut down all morning at route 222. get off atticsit 100 -- exit -- get off at route 100. august 2nd is the day america hits the credit limit. but there is no deal in sight which could mean financial chaos. that made for a tense mood when the president met with congressional leaders yesterday. abc's jim avila has more from washington. >> reporter: america is in danger of deadbeat and americans are not having it. >> i think it's embarrassing and a great black eye to the united states of america. >> the good of the country is being held hostage for the interest of a very few. >> reporter: abc news placed
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soapbox cameras and signs with a message at locations across the country. a chance for americans to tell washington. >> america's interest is to have this situation solveed. we don't want america shut down and we don't want an american that's no longer the leader. >> partisanship should stop. people have to stop saying it's republicans or democrats fault. >> whether you are far to the right or far to the left, it seems like it's the same thing over and over again. they need to fix whatever it is and let's move forward. >> i say okay. let's go. where are they. >> but it takes too two to tango and they are not there. >> reporter: it's not a proud moment for american politics as analyst matthew doud who consulted republicans and democrats. and now sees voters look for a solution and instead seeing incompetence. >> basically, the country thinks washington is become a
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cesspool of dysfunction and there is a great inability of anybody to sit down and act like adults in a room and solve the problems. >> reporter: americans are paying attention. and seem to know what is at stake. a just released poll asked why do you want this solved? the top three reasons were avoiding catastrophe avoid default on debt and because we have no choice. and few we heard from today felt it's a problem too big to fix. >> iron it out and make it happen because you will affect americans bread and butter americans. >> jim avila reporting and here are five facts from reason magazine about the debt showdown. congress raid the ceiling 102 times and it was first instituted in 1917 and august 2nd is an arbitrary date both sides are use the august 2nd deadline to negotiate terms. reaching the debt limit is not the same as defaulting on the federal debt. and head to
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and look at the slide show for continuing coverage on the debt showdown. find out what it means to you and your family. federal prosecutors in philidelphia say a tug pilot who steered a barge into a small duck boat agreed to plead guilty to involuntary manslaughter. two hungarian tour wrists killed in last year's collision on the delaware river. according to court documents, tug pilot was consumed by a family emergency and moved to a lower wheel house where his view of the river was obscured. minnesota's government shut down appears to be days from ending. the governor says he and republican lawmakers have a framework for an agreement. the government turned off the lights on july 1st over a budget impasse. more than 22,000 state workers were laid off but they are speced to get the jobs back once this deal is done. weapons being brought into a courthouse of course that's illegal but people slipped them in anyway. a sheriff department in cincinnati showed what people are taking in razors that look live lipstick belt buckels
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thatconceal knives those are some of the weapons and they are used for law enforcement training because they are so unusual. the casey anthony case has sparked outrage across the country, and an oklahoma woman who resembles anthony says someone tried to kill her. police chased a suspect and arrested her for assault and battery with a deadly weapon. the woman told police she was trying to save the children. the woman's daughter is named caylee and the only thing she says she has in common with casey anthony. real casey anthony will be released sunday from jail. the pentagon hammered home the new cyber policy. we will tell you what they have revealed about a previously secret electron being attack on a u.s. defense -- electronic attack on a u.s. defense contractor. we are adecked. the research that suggest the internet is replacing our memberry. and going to a live break a picture of new york's central park. looks like a beautiful day in new york and beautiful here in baltimore as well will we will be right back.
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military doctors say they are receiving hands on training and shock dmsh shock trauma. they are in training in preparation to go overseas to work in military hospitals. military medical personnel will complete a tour of duty to deal with trauma patients. every day trauma patients are wheeled into the base and some are accident victims. this young man came in with multiple stab wood alongside and among civilian trauma doctors, nurses and techs and military personnel and a surgeon runs the military training program here. >> i had a gentleman whose scalp was torn off in an industrial accident. it's an individual who's been involved in a motor vehicle accident where i have to recreate the cranial vault and sinus exactly like i have to do with an ied blast.
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>> the military medical personnel work here say what -- work here say what they are learning will help treat troops in the war zone and believe it will help treat patients once they come back home as well. the pentagon hammered home the new cyber policy thursday by revealing a large previously secret electron being attack on a u.s. defense -- electronic attack on a u.s. defense contractor in the field. they are being tested and could be used in the front lines. but modern communications are risky. phone hacking scandal in brinton is the late -- briton is the latest -- britain is the latest example. >> sipe cyber attacks will be -- shall cyber attacks will be the future part of combat. >> the pentagon won't say which country they think is responsible for the latest breach but in recent years there's been critical data stolen on aircraft electronics, surveillance technology and satellite communications. speaking of computers, new research suggest the internet
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is replacing our own memory. new research in the journal science finds when we rely on having information stored somewhere les you may be less likely to remember it yourself. researchers say they are not worried relying on external memory systems like the web will cause our brains to atry if i but there may be things we know and forget but hang onto what's useful on a daily basis. and back here in maryland today through sunday, we will be -- it will be operation helping heros. the ride started early this morning at sandy point mareba solomon's island yacht club and by riding 400 miles round trip in three days, the eastern pennsylvania river runners hope to raise 3,000 dollars to donate to military troops wounded in combat recovering at bethesda's naval hospital and walter reed medical senter. they were hired to watch out for crooks around an apartment complex. the two baltimore security guards were victims of a violent shooting. we will have new details on what happened. and a big speech just hours
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away for maryland governor martin o'malley many details on the speech he will be giving in utah. also new reaction is coming in overnight for a baltimore ravens football player on whether we are going to have a season. a deal could be be just days away. >> reporter: harry potter fans spend the evening at theater for the final installment. i am sherrie johnson. coming up, what they thought of the movie. what did you think of yesterday? what will you think of today? looking at time-lapse and sunrise, on this severn at the u.s. naval academy i want to thank joce sterman for what you are about to hear. monday i don't care about you. tuesday, wednesday, how does that go? i was -- [audio not understandable] >> oh, gosh how do we blow that? we tried it for you. we will take you to mount airy i don't care if monday is -- friday i am in love. we will take you to darlington. we fixed it. we will talk about it next.
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let's do traffic quick. >> reporter: 95 shut down at havre de grace. i will tell you how to get around the accident between a semi and a car when "good morning maryland" continues.
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now "good morning maryland." good morning everybody. tgif i am joce sterman in for charley and megan. let's check your friday morning weather with meteorologist justin berk. >> good morning. it's 6:45. we want to prove we are not so tied to our computers and can hold onto our memories. you remember the 90s? we go back on this date where we had a record low in 1999. record hive 102 in 95. we will -- record high of 102 in 95. as nice as it feels outside a. few degrees below normal right now. 50s up across pa and that's the source of the air. the source of upper level winds bringing showers in michigan not for us but upper level clouds you noticed mixed in the sky in central western and even southern maryland this morning.
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otherwise high pressure is in control in a position of a high pressure that will determine the wind flow and the exact wind flow will determine if you get it directly off the atlantic. that will be important for developing cloud cover maybe for the beaches parts of the weekend. that's the rinkel the fly in the ointment and a chance of isolated showers around the new york area. traveling up 95 during the afternoon, we may have afternoon clouds and a chance of wet weather on garden state parkway. otherwise we are looking towards the beaches, the chance of clouds to hang on for the start of the weekend and a mix of clouds and sun but decent weather to take us through the stretch starting with 85. comfort alan we will go -- comfortable and we will go back into the mid-50s. we are dry over weekend and a few add clouds on saturday and after sunday, early next week, we heat back into the 90s. how about the traffic? >> reporter: inner loop at harrisburg expressway we have debris on the road. be careful. looking at yfx at northern parkway no problem to report. southbound traffic heavier to the right of the screen.
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take a look at maps cecil county we have had an accident 95 shut down southbound and havre de grace at route 222. get off at exit 100 take route 1 or poe has can i highway. joce. >> thanks very much. a late night shooting left two security officers in serious condition. it happened in the 2800 block of matthews street in northeast baltimore. two armed security guard were making the round at the oak hill town houses. they came up on a suspicious person, a scuffle broke out and shots were fired. the police say one of the officers, a woman, was shot in the eye. the other male officer was shot in the chest. the investigation in that case is ongoing. a family dog is dead and the family wants a restraining order against the shooter. we are wondering what brought on the violence. well, shameus was 5-year-old rottweiler shot in the head after running out of the family's house and towards another dog. the owner patrick magruder says he was unloading grocery when the dog slipped out the door. another family was walking by
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with their dog and the dog ran towards them when he got too close, the man pulled out a gun. the victim says he and his dog tried to get away but he was forced to act in self-defense. >> i've known from talking to other people the dog had aggressive tendencies before. maybe it got off the leash or got away from the owner. >> it's sad owner to see the dog lay there dead but you know, people need to protect themselves. >> the magruders say the dog posed no threat and say they were a-- posed no threat and say they are afraid of the shooter. a mom is speaking out after being car jacked along with her baby. she was andate a gas station and her baby in the back seat of the lexus. teron white jumped in and drove away leading police on a chase. somewhere around caskin john parkway she took her baby into her arms unbuckled the seat belt and jumped. >> i was scared to jump out because if i have hit the
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ground wrong and my armlets go the baby will roll and hit his head. so i pushed the door open and jump out. >> amazing. she suffered a bump on her head and the baby they call juju had scrapes but both are okay. hope may be coming for football fans. while there are some rough patches to work through, owners and players made progress on one sticking point soaring rookie salaries. it has raised hopes a tentative agreement in principle could come within 24 hours. but the players themselves are saying don't get excited until everyone agrees the major stick points are free agency and and off season work -- and off season working rules. >> we wanted to reiterate the reports floating around there, a no date until the players -- no deal until the marches approve it and agree on it. we are working really hard and will continue to do so he to bring back football. >> owners and players met for nearly 15 hours oners this.
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and -- hours on thursday and are set to meet again today. a man has been convicted trying to shoot a sheriffdeputy. a deputy hilled over -- deputy approach the vehicle and hill tried to fire at deputy but the fun misfired. hill was convicted this week for assault and other charges. he will be sentenced in september. is verizon charging fees from customers that they haven't been told about? that's what howard county executive wants to know. the county executive announced he is investigating several consumer complaints regarding what they call unexpected fees from viceon -- verizon. it stems from bundled packages. customers over the phone don't realize they may have signed up for extra channels ordered a- ons. >> keep notes and pay attention to what you are signing up for. make sure you are charged only for what you signed up for and we are doing an investigation
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into complaints we received in if you live in howard county file a complaint in the consumer affairs department. he is urging anyone else in contact the attorney general. we contacked verizon about the -- contacked verizon about the complains -- contacted verizon about the complaints and they issued a statement saying they summarize the order at end of the call. we work with customers to explain bills when they havequestion and if a problems arises we resolve it with the customer. governor o'malley is in salt lake city for the national governor's association meeting. o'malley who is chair of the democratic governor's association is scheduled to deliver a keynote speech tonight to the utah democratic party's annual jubely dinner. yesterday he held a news conference with governor beverly perdupe he was one of 11 democratic governors in attend -- perdue. he was one of 11 democratic governors in attendance. a traffic alert now. the most traveled highway in
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america the 40 5 in los angeles is about to shut down this weekend for 53 straight hours. a 10-mile stretch will be closed due to construction. this is the most conjested highway for drivers in the country and on a typical weekend, 500,000 cars usually pack this road. and to help with the car mageton a deal that lasted aboutas long as the flight it promoted. jetblue offered the 4 dollar fares for the california geton and -- carmageddon. they sold out on both flights and for just a buck more each way travelers can get extra leg room or early boarding and early access to overhead bin space. in the tsa has announced a new plan to help with all passengers. the program is trying to speed up the security process. it's called the trusted traveler and with a little bit of extra information from passengers, the screening
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process will become easier. eye rolls out this fall and applies to frequent flyers on a few airlines in few cities. but if it works, they hope to expand the program. and back here at home, today's the last chance to learn about traffic issues with the baltimore grand prix. the city's department of transportation will host the last open meeting today. head to the tremont hotel from 11 to one if you want to know more. it runs september 2nd through the 5th. and it's time for five things to know before you go. president obama will hold a news conference at 11 today. abc2 news will cover it when it happens and it's expected that he will talk about the debt showdown and when or if acompromise might be reached. egymss demand a -- egyptians demand a purge and have been gearing up for protest. hundreds are camped out. and they are calling it the final call to the military council. case anthony's jailhouse bank account is getting a boost. jail record say the account has
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gone from 264 dollars to nearly $500 in the days since the verdict. she is scheduled for release on sunday. the atlantis crew what midnight wakeup call. they fixed a computer system. a computer failure in one of the shuttle's fine five main computers caused -- five main computers caused issues. there are no concerns for the crew's safety. sarah palin make the movie debut today. palein amovie the undefeated details the former alaska governeer rise to fame and it is being released nationwide and will be screened in amc teethers. harry potter fans didn't get much sleep since the final installment opened at midnight. sherrie johnson is live at arundel mills mall and some people have been up all night to see the new film. was it worth it? >> reporter: it was worth it for them. eye didn't seem to phase them. they -- it didn't seem to phase them. they came pouring out of here.
6:55 am
very excited after they saw the movie. it was the final installment in the harry potter series where we find out what happens to harry potter and the lord. we caught up with some folks and here's what they had to say. >> it was a good movie. but it did the book no justice. >> it was a good movie. it was action packed and a lot going on and kept everybody entertained. >> reporter: we had different opinions and some people preferred the book better. but some people enjoyed the movie. but all in all a. lot of folks coming out of here this morning even though they were tired, very excited. report live, sherrie johnson, -- reporting live, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> you never want to sit in the rain. >> i am giving joce credit we forgot. i don't care if monday is blue tuesday is gray and wednesday too thursday don't care about it's friday i am in love. >> i am in love. >> payday for some of us, toowe
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get paid with beautiful weather. going to the beach, i think there may be an influence of wind tomorrow that could bring more clouds. basically, temperatures running low 8today in oh -- 80s today in ocean city. take my word on it, we have a beautiful graphic that we could be showing you but we will put it online later. mid-#0s, a -- 80s, a mix of clouds and sun and the heat next week. for you. >> reporter: i would love to go to ocean pines. i should be at the beach. >> we should be doing traffic and weather report there every friday. >> and let's go now. >> reporter: a reminder 95 southbound in cecil county past 222 is shut down. so you will have to get off at exit 100. take route 1 or pulaski highway to get around that. it's shut down the accident between the semi and cay car. >> -- and a car. remember the news continues 24 hours a day right on
6:57 am and the news continues right from new york as well on "good morning america." so fun to be here with you guys. >> thanks. >> all right.
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